Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January update

Sunday January 27. Spencer is happy because he got his first two teeth a week and a half ago. The girls are happy because it has been a very nice family day! We now have church at 11, so that gives us time in the morning to not set the alarm, all get showered and bathed, and then have a real breakfast together. After church, if we don't have a family dinner with Josh's parents and brother's family, we can just stay home together. Today Kaylee figured out that Briana makes a decent horse. She used a jumprope around Briana's waist to pull her along the kitchen floor in her Healies! And this activity lasted for quite a while...enjoy it while Briana is young Kaylee! Maybe once the twins get older Briana will be tying up the two of them to pull her around...pecking order!
At about 5 1/2 months old, Spencer is 16 lbs. and Jacob is 14 lbs. Both very happy, and neither think they need to sleep through the night! I guess Mom should just feel loved, right?
Grandpa is conditioning his grandson early..."BYU, basketball, anything BYU!"

Briana is very independent lately. If we don't keep an eye on her she will take matters into her own hands. Take her potatoes and carrots for example, she thought they were not quite up to standard in the taste department, so grabbed the salt shaker and went to town!

The girls are always taking care of their baby brothers. Briana likes to be nice to the buddies. She likes the idea that she is a nice big sister just like Kaylee is.

Oh, did you hear we started a snow collection? This has been a very cold, very snowy winter!

We have really enjoyed living by family...but we have figured out the real reason that John (Josh's brother) wanted us close by...yes the kids are all at our house this weekend night!

Mmmm, doesn't get better than rice cereal! Jacob didn't mind it, and has since gotten much better at actually getting some swallowed down.

Spencer, on the other hand, really did seem to mind it, but that didn't stop him from getting more, especially when Gran had the spoon!

What can I say, these boys are so stinkin' cute!

Say Cheese!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jacob's hair

Not only has Jacob taken on his Uncle Jeff's and Grandpa's name, he decided to take on their hairstyle too!

Kaylee's First Goal

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kaylee's Soccer Game

Kaylee had her first soccer game on Sept. 8. She loves it! She does a lot of "hard work." Briana loves "soccer ball" too, and the twins (and Mom and Dad!) survived the first game as well. Gran and Grandpa were there cheering her on as well of course.

Kaylee played goalie the first half. She stopped 50% of the shots taken on was one of the two times the ball reached her. She has a pretty good team. We didn't keep score, but I'm sure it was something like 20 to 3.

Mmmm...good eaters. Kaylee now has enough front teeth to efficiently eat corn on the cob. And Briana loves spagetti, but does not especially love using her fork to get it into her mouth. Silverware seems to slow her down too much.